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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Stephen Curry’s daughter delighted by Lethbridge company’s playhouse

LETHBRIDGE, Alta. – The daughter of 2015 NBA MVP Stephen Curry is the latest to be charmed by a Lethbridge-based company that makes custom playhouses, tree houses and dog houses.

Charmed Playhouses said they caught the attention of Riley’s parents when they designed a custom Golden State Warriors playhouse two months ago, as seen in the gallery below:

Charmed Playhouses said they caught the attention of the Curry family when they designed this custom Golden State Warriors playhouse.

Charmed Playhouses

Charmed Playhouses said they caught the attention of the Curry family when they designed this custom Golden State Warriors playhouse.

Charmed Playhouses

Charmed Playhouses said they caught the attention of the Curry family when they designed this custom Golden State Warriors playhouse.

Charmed Playhouses

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The new playhouse for Riley will match their Spanish-style home and tie in her love of horses. There’s also a dog house attached.

The company shared the video of Riley’s reaction on their Instagram account (watch below) and has since been featured on the Washington Post, U.S.A. Today, and Sports Blog Nation.

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These are the reactions we strive for. Thanks @ayeshacurry and @stephencurry30 for your hospitality. #playhousefun #custom #charmedplayhouses #rileycurry #bespoke #goldenstate @visbeenarchitects #littlelightsofmine

A post shared by Charmed Family (@charmedplayhouses) on Aug 21, 2015 at 1:48pm PDT

The company is currently in Los Angeles ironing out design details for Riley’s new playhouse with the Curry family.

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Federal election campaign sign rules differ depending on where you live – Toronto

WATCH ABOVE: Candidates Adam Vaughan and Olivia Chow spend most of their time canvassing voters in condo and apartment buildings in the downtown Toronto riding of Spadina-Fort York. Mark McAllister reports.

TORONTO — Federal election signs have started popping up throughout Toronto, but candidates and supporters need to be careful.

The rules for where signs can be placed depend on the property that they’re being put.

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Elections Canada has set regulations that apply to private property as well as public spaces. Toronto has a Municipal Code that offers rules for federal elections as well.

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Signs on private property have to be posted with the consent of the owner or occupant of the property. They’re also not supposed to interfere with vehicular traffic or pedestrians.

Public property is generally off limits for election signs except along roadways with conditions.

Among the rules: signs are not allowed to be placed between the curb and sidewalk, within 15 metres of an intersection or crosswalk and consent from the owner of the property next to the sign is needed.

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There are differences in the rules for election signs in apartment buildings and condos.

Tenants are allowed to put up election signs on the premises they lease in an apartment building without property owners interfering.

Condo corporations also don’t have the right to keep owners from erecting signs on the units they own.

Conditions can be set by property owners and condominium corporations on the size of the sign though and prohibit them in common areas.

Signs can be removed if they don’t follow provincial or municipal laws, after the person who authorized the posting is informed.

Glass Tiger vocalist Alan Frew posts on social media that he suffered stroke

TORONTO – The vocalist of the Canadian rock band Glass Tiger has suffered a stroke, according to his Instagram account.

Award-winning singer-songwriter Alan Frew, 58, writes that he had the stroke on Thursday.

Frew, who also plays guitar, writes that he doesn’t have brain damage but has damaged the right side of his body, including his dominant hand.

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This my friends is one of the toughest stories I have ever had to write not only because I am right- handed and I am typing to you with my left but because what I am going to tell you is very difficult for me but I want you to hear it from me directly and not from the rumour mill. On Thursday I suffered a stroke. That’s right. A clot in my brain. This will now be the fight of my life. I am alive, obviously , and have all my brain power. I have suffered right-sided trauma but I am fighting the Warrior’s fight already. I AM A WARRIOR make no mistake about that and I WILL release the beautiful CD I have worked so hard on and I WILL perform it live for you ASAP ….this I promise you. Those of you who pray by all means do so and those of you like me who don’t send me your energy and I will use it all to return to you as soon as I can. Stroke is NOT an age disease be you 15, 25, or 55. Stroke is a human condition . I am lucky and I will treasure that . I will see you all soon enough when I PERISCOPE one day and I WILL sing for you again, fear not. You guys are a major part of my journey back. Peace & Love Alan

A post shared by Alan Frew (@alan_frew) on Aug 22, 2015 at 3:05pm PDT

He writes that he is “fighting the warrior’s fight” and promises his fans that he will release his latest CD and perform live as soon as he can.

Glass Tiger was discovered in Newmarket, Ont., in 1984 and went on to produce many hit singles including “Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone)” and “Someday.”

More recently, Frew wrote the 2010 Olympic broadcast theme “I Believe” and the Toronto Maple Leafs theme “Free to Be (This is Canada’s Song).”

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5 reasons why the market meltdown matters to all Canadians

WATCH ABOVE: Gary Bobrovitz takes a look at the damage and some advice you should do or not do with the tumble in the markets.

A stock rout that first began with China’s overheated market this summer spread Monday to create deep fissures in others, including the Toronto Stock Exchange, as investors fret that a long period of gains is ending and dicier times may lie ahead.

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  • Here’s why gas prices are climbing in Canada while oil plummets

  • Loonie slides toward 76 cents US as markets falter

READ MORE: TSX plunges at bell as North American stocks join global rout

This isn’t just a problem for stock market types to pay attention to. There’s reason for concern among those who don’t actively invest or have any interest in stocks. Here’s five reasons why the current meltdown matters to all Canadians:

Global slowdown

What happens in China matters, and not just because it is the world’s second-biggest economy after the United States. Falling demand among Chinese manufacturers, exporters (and Chinese consumers who’ve lost savings amid a stock market collapse) has sent prices plunging for all manner of commodities — iron, copper, oil. That has walloped countries that export them, like Canada. The knock-on effect is slowing growth among several countries in a self-reinforcing economic slide that could get worse before it gets better.

Commodity bust

As a major producer of not just oil but scores of other commodities that feed industries all over the globe, any pressure on international growth exerts an outsized effect on Canadians, many of whom have jobs directly or indirectly tied to commodity extraction and processing.

There’s been a steady drumbeat of layoff notices from oil patch firms as crude has slid this year. Similar announcements could soon be forthcoming from other big resource companies outside the oil industry.

READ MORE: Here’s why gas prices are rising in Canada as oil plummets

Local recession

And if economic conditions continue to deteriorate in China and elsewhere, the current debate about whether or not Canada has entered a technical recession this year may be over, and in its place the debate about how to pull the country out of a downturn.

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Sinking loonie

The rout of commodity prices – oil fell further below $40/barrel (U.S.) on Monday — and threat of slowing global growth is sending the Canadian dollar to fresh lows. The loonie fell on Monday nearly half a U.S. cent to about 75.5 cents US. Experts suggest the Canadian dollar is poised for a long period at current levels, something that darkening macroeconomic forces will reinforce. A lower loonie lifts costs for any consumer good that’s imported into the country, which is to say, much of the goods households buy every day, from clothing to food.

Rising rates

One bright spot amid the gloomy outlook – and it’s a big one – is the U.S. economy, which continues to gather steam. U.S. employers have been on a hiring spree, and that has helped push the unemployment rate to a low 5.3 per cent, while many indicators are pointing to sustained growth.

The U.S. Federal Reserve, which plays a central role in establishing borrowing rates, has been signalling that the it could start raising interest rates to keep inflation in check, perhaps as soon as next month. Even a steep stock market correction may not be enough to deter a hike, some suggest.

“A 10 per cent cumulative sell off in the Dow is hard to view as enough to derail hike plans,” economists at Scotiabank said.

If the Fed stays the course and begins raising interest rates on U.S. consumers in the United States, that will pressure rates in Canada, experts say, a process that could stress the ability among some to pay back record debt loads as well as pressure what many believe to be an overheated housing market.

5 trendy must-have looks for back to school – Montreal

MONTREAL – As much as it scares us, winter is coming – but before the cold hits, we get one last chance to bask in the beauty of warmer weather and glorious fall colours.

So, we might as well look good as the temperature drops.

Here are five fashion trends to look out for this fall, no matter if your destination is a fall festival or a busy classroom:


Who said backpacks are only for school kids?



Scuba backpack


Pebbled faux leather backpack

Forever 21

Shevron textured faux leather backpack

Forever 21

Soft checks/Grid pattern

This pattern gives a sophisticated polish to traditional plaid.

ASOS French beige skirt and jacket

The Chriselle Factor / Calvin Lim

Soft check scarf


ASOS Jersey peg trousers in grid check



Not to be confused with the “blanket-scarf.”

BCBGeneration poncho in tartan plaid


Multicolor sunset hooded ruana

Free People

Babaton archie poncho in cardamon/sphinx


Community tyana poncho


Maxi vest

Maxi vests are the perfect option for layering in the fall without hiding your entire outfit.

Zara cape

Brooklyn Blonde/Keith Hodne

Joa chic plaid vest in charcoal


Zara long waistcoat


Chunky wooden heel

The chunky wooden heel is a summer trend that can easily be carried over into the next season as boots.

BIBEL tall boots


Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari largo heeled sandal

Chinese Laundry

ASOS EACH AND EVERYONE wide fit leather ankle boots


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